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There are very few recreational activities today that are increasing their numbers in participation. The main reason for the decreasing numbers in most recreational activities lies in the cost of the activity itself. Our worldwide economy continues to be mired in a recession that has had its grips on us for well past two years now. In addition, there is violence in many parts of the world, and many regimes have been or are in the midst of being overthrown. This uncertainty, especially in the oil-producing countries in the Middle East, has led to wild speculation on the markets, and has spiked the price of a barrel of oil on the open market. Therefore, the cost of just about everything has increased, including recreational and leisure-time opportunities. People are reluctant to spend their money on recreational opportunities that are considered frivolous, although these recreation activities are highly valued by the participants. Take, for example, the recreational activity of taking a casino junket to a casino town, such as Las Vegas. Attendance on the strip is about the same, but gambling on the Las Vegas strip is down about 20%. This represents quite a hit for the Las Vegas casinos, which are now looking to get into the one area of the gambling industry that is not losing money, and that's the online casino industry.

The number of participants who play blackjack online continues to escalate, and people are finding out that they can save money by staying home and playing Online blackjack games on their computer in the comfort and privacy of their homes. When you play blackjack online on free casino sites, such as the prestigious , there is never a charge for the privilege of using the site to enjoy the best in casino games. Additionally, on this top-rated site, you can play blackjack online for as long as you care to play, and there is never a fee for service. Online blackjack games have grown in popularity because of the economic conditions worldwide and the advent of free Online blackjack games on free casino sites. So, play blackjack online at , and you'll discover why Online blackjack games are soaring in popularity.

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